News: It´s official, women are better drivers (when accompanied by men)

It´s official, women are better drivers (when accompanied by men)
Written by Inmo Investments - 8 Mar 2016

A recently published study by Spanish traffic research body Fundación Línea Directa has concluded that women are better drivers – but only when accompanied by a male passenger.

The research into road safety in Spain sought to investigate the effects of passengers in private motor vehicles on Spanish roads and discovered that the combination of a female driver with a male passenger was statistically the safest way to travel by car in Spain. According to the study, this combination is six times less likely to result in an incident than two men in a single vehicle.

Fundación Línea Directa analysed data provided by Spain´s DGT, the government body responsible for the Spanish transport network, and found that, of the more than one quarter million road traffic accidents recorded between 2011 and 2013, only 26% involved drivers with a passenger, while nearly three quarters involved solo drivers.

The research team behind the report analysed the profiles of the passengers and observed that perhaps unsurprisingly, young males between the age of 18 and 29 make the worse passengers in Spain, with the team citing excessive talking and manipulating the dashboard controls unnecessarily during the course of the journey.

By contrast, the statistically perfect passenger is a male between the ages of 60 and 69, who tends to have a more collaborative attitude to driving often warning the driver of associated road risks, and providing fewer unnecessary distractions during travel.

Fundación Línea Directa also noted that travelling with a statistically safe passenger in Spain reduces the risk of legal infringements, such as excessive speed, alcohol and drug use, and a general reduction in mobile phone use while driving. They noted that women are less likely to be influenced by the presence and actions of their passenger than male drivers.

However, the Spanish road safety research concludes that even with a potentially “unsafe" passenger, drivers are still statistically 35% less likely to encounter a road traffic incident on Spanish roads than if they chose to travel alone.

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