News: Innovative new Spanish property built in just five hours

Innovative new Spanish property built in just five hours
Written by Inmo Investments - 9 Jan 2018

Innovative new Spanish property built in just FIVE HOURS

The future of new build properties in Spain? Homes manufactured on a production line.

Madrid based architectural pioneers Baragaño have manufactured a property on a production line and assembled the home on site in just five hours.

The innovative Spanish property was created at the behest of a British landscaper and his family.

Designed to be assembled on site some 600 miles away from Madrid, the modular new property was prefabricated in a factory and took 4 months to construct.

Destined for a rural location in the remote and mountainous coastal region of Asturias, the off site construction method was chosen to minimise costs and the impact of building work on the locale, originally an historic stone granary complex.

Upon completion of the industrialised fabrication, the modules were shipped by road across the Cantabrian mountain range to their final location where they were assembled in just five hours.

The completed two-storey building is composed of eight modules stacked in a four-by-four configuration, with the angular top modules joined together to form a gabled roof.

New build property in Spain New build property in Spain

New build property in Spain: a modern modular design

The modules were manufactured from galvanised steel sheets clad with vertical wooden slats. Each module was welded together at the joints on site, and black slate tiling was added by a local craftsman to complete the roof.

Made from sustainable materials, each module is truly "plug and play" - complete with triple glazed windows, energy efficient insulation, all plumbing pipework, and electrical wiring.

The open plan kitchen and bathroom are pre-installed, and the kitchen even ships with appliances in-situ. A translucent wall between the two upstairs bedrooms makes the most of the available natural light.

New build property in Spain New build property in Spain

Problems: building new properties in rural locations in Spain

Building new properties in rural locations in Spain is fraught with problems. Access, noise pollution, and damage to the natural infrastructure are all considerations for council planners and architects.

But the Baragaño architectural studio believe that their contemporary solution minimises many of the usual problems associated with small scale countryside developments in Spain, creating a modern spacious energy efficient property with a financially beneficial short lead time.

Additionally, Baragaño point out that the property is semi-mobile. In just a few hours the modules can be dissasembled, transported, and reassembled in a new location within a day.

Rather generously, the design team have made their blueprints open source so that anybody can commission their own replica of this modern yet affordable new build property.

New build property in Spain

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New build property in Spain

Photo credit: Baragaño Architects, Madrid, Spain


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