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Selling your property in Spain quickly, the benefits of home staging

HOME STAGING IS THE ART of maximising the desirability of a home by highlighting the key selling features of a property and minimising the effects of a property´s negative aspects.

It´s the science of styling - the professional presentation of a property designed to appeal to the highest number of potential buyers, to sell more quickly and maximise the final selling price.

When executed with an eye for detail, professional home staging pulls off the remarkable feat of presenting a villa or apartment so neutrally that anyone can feel immediately at home in it, while allowing everyone to project their own style onto the living space with minimal imagination.

It gives prospective buyers a better sense of room sizes and options for furnishings, layouts, and colour choices, helping you find a suitable buyer more quickly.

It´s a powerful arrow in a home sellers quiver, and when executed professionally, home staging helps to reduce the amount of time your home spends on the market and attracts the best possible offers for your property.

The over-arching aim of home staging is to introduce light, emphasise the available space, and transform a property into an inviting space that potential buyers could imagine themselves living in, with a particular psychological emphasis on highlighting the benefits of the lifestyle that accompanies the purchase.

Home staging has been an integral part of property marketing for decades in the USA, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. According to research published just last year by US international moving portal, the offer prices for professionally staged properties were significantly higher than that of non-staged properties, and the length of time properties spent on the market was reduced.

Their research concluded that one-quarter of buyers agents reported that staging increased the offer price by 1% to 5% compared to homes that weren´t staged. Among sellers agents, 22% said the same and 17% said it actually increased the initial offer price by 6% to 10%. With nothing to lose and a lot to possibly gain, it stands to reason that staging is worth the effort.

Professional home staging service for Orihuela Costa and the Costa Blanca, Spain

Home staging for your property on the Orihuela Costa and Costa Blanca

  • Creates a universally attractive living space that appeals to the widest variety of potential buyers
  • Increases the perceived value of your home
  • Increases the quantity and value of offers
  • Beautiful photos showcase your property
  • Increases the number of buyer visits
  • Buyers will have less reason to discount their offer price
  • Your home stands out in the marketplace
  • Decreases the time required to sell
  • Positive return on investment

Return on investment is the primary purpose of staging, and money spent on professional styling will always be offset by higher value offers and avoids the negative consequences associated with remaining on the local property market.

Your home in Spain is likely to be one of your most valuable assets, so it´s worth considering the benefits of professional styling. We have dedicated in-house home staging and interior design specialists ready to assist you.

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