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Take a closer look at our properties, without leaving home

MAKING INTERNATIONAL travel arrangements at the last minute isn´t always easy - even when times are "normal". The fact is, many buyers looking at property abroad have existing responsibilities such as family or work commitments that sometimes makes ad-hoc travel problematic.

For most buyers that have already taken the time to hone their list of possible purchases, the next step is to arrange a viewing trip to whittle that list down to perhaps one or two ideal properties that might tick all the right boxes.

But it´s not always that simple, and prospective purchasers might need to take a closer look at a property to determine whether it deserves inclusion on their list of potential dream homes.

And that´s one of the reasons why we offer virtual video viewings for any of our beautiful Spanish properties. Of course, there´s no substitute for actually being there, but our personalised viewings are as close as you can ever expect to get.

Our online viewings alleviate lifestyle and travel issues, save time, and give buyers an close-up inside look at properties that might be of interest to them.

Virtual video viewings for property buyers in Spain

An entirely online, 100% free, no-obligation property viewing service

Entirely online, our video viewings work the same way as a real-world viewing. Simply get in touch with the details of the property you´re interested in, and we´ll make an appointment for you to view the property remotely.

One of our dedicated Property Advisors will attend the property at the scheduled date and time and call you to begin the viewing. All you need is a mobile phone or a laptop, computer, or mobile device with a functional internet connection.

During the presentation, you´ll able to see all aspects of the property and ask detailed questions on-site with the complete privacy you would expect at any property viewing.

You can direct the camera to check out elements that might concern you, such as how close a neighbouring property might be, or the orientation of the garden - things that might be challenging to assess from a simple property listing.

Our live virtual tours give you an honest, accurate, and comprehensive personalised viewing experience without the need to travel.

Do you have a property on your shortlist that deserves a close look? Contact us by email at, call us on +34 966 919 917, or simply book your virtual viewing directly with us right now.