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Services for homeowners

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Obtaining NIE numbers

The NIE number is a tax identification number in Spain, known in Spanish as the NIE, or more formally the Número de Identidad de Extranjero. Spanish Royal Decree 2393/2004 states that an NIE is required for the purchase or sale of property in Spain, for vehicles and boats; or in order to work or study. People living in Spain, or those who intend to spend a good deal of time in Spain, will need an NIE number. The NIE number is issued by the National Police of Spain, and we can arrange for an NIE to be issued for you for just €90. If you are buying a property as a couple, both partners will require an NIE in their names.

Registering on the Padron

Registering on the Padron (the Padrón municipal de habitantes), is essential if you wish to import a car to Spain or use Spanish public services like education or the Spanish healthcare system. The Padron is a list of all the people that live in a property, in a town, or in an area, and it helps the national and regional government authorities responsible for fiscal services and spending, decide how much money to give to each council. Registration on the Padron is a mandatory legal requirement for people living in Spain, and it does not matter whether you rent a property in Spain or you own your own home in Spain.

Obtaining residency

If you are planning to live permanently in Spain, it makes sense to apply for residency. Not only will your presence in the country be legal, but you will also be entitled to almost exactly the same rights as a Spanish-born citizen. The tarjeta de residencia (residency card can be technically difficult to obtain if you are not familiar with Spanish administrative procedures, or if you don´t speak fluent Spanish, and we highly recommend that you seek the services of an experienced specialist. Our customer services team can assist you with your application for residency in Spain, just contact us for more details.

Building permissions in Spain

Once you are settled in Spain, you might decide to make some improvements to your property in Spain. Regulations regarding what you may and may not do are complicated, vary from area to area, and require separate applications for both planning permission and a building licence in Spain. The Spanish authorities regularly target illegal builds, unsafe building modifications, and building improvements made without the necessary permissions in place. If you are contemplating making physical amendments to your property in Spain, please contact us for assistance before you proceed.

Please note: Inmo Investments is a registered Real Estate agency. As a company, we work in partnership with leading solicitors and local legal advisors here in Spain to provide our clients with the legal services that they require. We are not legally qualified solicitors, nor are we registered specialists in any area of law.

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