Non Resident Tax Service for homeowners in Spain
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Non Resident Tax Service for homeowners in Spain

By: Alexander Pichlmayr. 18 Sep 2023
Non Resident Tax Service for homeowners in Spain

Comprehensive Non-Resident Tax service, tax compliance made easy

Non-Resident Tax is a central government tax liability that applies to anyone who is not legally resident in Spain, but has assets or owns property in the country.

Non-residents are required to complete an annual tax return and pay their Non-Resident Tax due for the previous year by the end of the following year. For instance, the tax due for the 2022 fiscal year has to be paid at the end of 2023.

Non-Resident Tax is based on the value of your home, so how much you pay will depend on how much your property is worth. Different tax rates apply to property owners who live outside of the EU, so where you live also affects how much tax you'll need to pay.

It's essential to make sure you comply with your tax obligations. If you don't, you could be liable for fines or the tax office may charge you interest on late or overdue tax submissions.

Non Resident Tax in Spain

Non-Resident Tax Service

Our comprehensive service for homeowners makes tax compliance easy, removes language barriers, and frees up your time to enjoy your moments in Spain, rather than dealing with paperwork and administration.

Our service includes the in-house calculation of your Non-Resident Tax, preparation of your tax return, and submission of your payment and documents to the Spanish tax office. We charge a fixed fee of 90€ (+IVA) plus 45€ (+IVA) for each additional co-owner. Our service offers the following additional benefits:-

  • In-house payment calculation and management
  • Streamlined automated SEPA payments
  • After-sales department consultations
  • Legal advice and access to a lawyer
  • Annual tax representation
  • Key-holding

Non Resident Tax in Spain

Additional Essential Services

As part of our service, you'll receive consultations from our after-sales team, and legal advice in your language from our in-house lawyer. Both services are available subject to prior appointment.

With annual tax representation, we can ensure that your tax affairs remain in order directly with the authorities in Spain, negating the risk of missed or undelivered letters or emails, and avoiding any unwanted surprises - today and in the future.

And our key-holding service is ideal for homeowners who don't rent out their property for short-term holiday rentals, or live permanently in Spain. We can hold your home insurance documentation, act as a point-of-contact for you, and keep your property safe and secure in your absence.

Contact us prior to the 1st December 2023 for more information about our Non-Resident Tax service, or register for our forthcoming webinar on Thursday 28th September 2023.